Isa Kaita CoE Receives Full Accreditation from NCCE

Isa Kaita CoE Receives Full Accreditation from NCCE

Dr. Abdullahi Maigari – Provost, Isa Kaita College of Education Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State

The Provost of the Isa Kaita College of Education Katsina, Dr Abdullahi Maigari has expressed satisfaction and happiness at the progress it is making as the school secured complete accreditation for its courses. It considers this a positive testament to its ability to implement the new National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) curriculum in the college. In a recorded interview, in Katsina, Maigari believes the institution has been better since its partnership with the teacher development programme.

‘I was there at the beginning of the TDP programme and we have nothing to say other than to thank them very well for all they have been doing to enhance the quality of teacher education in the states. Our staff, including the management, we have benefited a lot from a number of trainings and visits that have enabled us to succeed in the implementation of the new curriculum. We are really grateful to TDP, it is through their support and partnership that the college has come to record 100 per cent accreditation in the last accreditation exercise. So, all our programmes have received full accreditation from NCCE courtesy, of course, of the dedication, the training and support that we received from the TDP and other International Development Partners. We are really grateful for that.’

Maigari said the college now has stronger linkages with the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB). According to him, this will ensure that the teacher training process captures the classroom needs of SUBEBs, ensuring that teacher graduates have jobs and can add real value to the school system.

‘Colleges no longer produce anyhow, we produce based on needs of the employers. We have conducted assessments that show us what areas to concentrate on, what students to admit especially in the core course areas. Colleges especially Isa Kaita CoE we are working according to the new curriculum and we are producing based on needs.’

Colleges like Isa Kaita College of Education are receiving support to implement the NCCE reforms which speaks to a new curriculum for the award of the National Certificate of Education (NCE), improved quality assurance process, to ensure the right quality of teacher education process, continuous professional development course, an improved teaching practise programme.

Meanwhile the state government has renewed Maigari’s tenure as the Provost of Isa Kaita CoE for another four years. Maigari says he is expectant and will support the institution to concretise the gains of the last four years.

‘I am thankful to the state government for finding me worthy to continue in this position. I look forward to institutionalising all the changes we have witnessed over the period. So that we will be able to sustain all the programmes we have implemented so far. We hope that when you come here in 10 years, you will see Isa Kaita CoE as one of the best colleges of education in Nigeria in terms of teacher quality.’  

We congratulate Dr Maigari on the renewal of his tenure and wish him another productive four years.

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