In-service Teacher Training

In-service Teacher Training

We are improving the capability of teachers already in service to deliver quality learning to pupils in primary schools in target locations. Our approach is to adopt the use of teaching clusters and mentors to increase the speaking and numeracy levels of teachers, while introducing technology enabled platforms to improve learning results. Our target is to improve the quality of 62,000 teachers over the six-year period across the five target states.

We will be able to achieve these by;

Building a sustainable cadre of teacher educators who will be responsible for the delivery of trainings to teachers already in service. The programme has identified twelve master trainers known as Teacher Development Teams (TDTs) and twenty-eight Teacher Facilitators to drive capacity improvements among teachers.

Developing and producing materials for teacher training and classroom use. The Programme worked with international, national and state based consultants to design and develop the print and audio-visual materials for teachers and classroom use. A comprehensive, blended approach of face-to-face training through cluster meetings and support to teachers in school was piloted in 168 schools with 672 teachers in each of the three states. The initial training was for one of English Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology per teacher.

Enabling states to provide regular and on-going training and support. Leadership and management training is a priority area and materials were developed in collaboration with ESSPIN and UNICEF. Training has commenced with 504 Head Teachers trained. It is expected that when properly trained, head teachers would lead on providing a school-based professional-development process.

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