Pre-service Teacher Training

Pre-service Teacher Training

Our pre-service work area is engaging teacher training institutions and helping them adopt modern teaching methods during teaching training. We are engaging with the Colleges of Education (CoEs) and the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) to reform and improve the quality of student teachers who go on to deliver learning to pupils.

Our goal is to achieve a pool of efficient and effective teacher educators for primary and junior secondary school teachers. This work area will address the challenges below;

Support the implementation of the new National Certificate of Education (NCE) curriculum. We are facilitating the restructuring of the CoEs in line with the new NCE curriculum. This involves technical and financial support to both the NCCE and the CoEs to train its staff and implement the curriculum as well as disseminate guidelines on the restructuring process that birthed the new curriculum.

We are supporting CoEs to develop policy decisions that will institutionalise the restructuring process, as well provide and disseminate information on the criteria and process for restricting.

Support the enhancement of quality assurance processes. TDP has supported the development of training manuals and quality assessor training, supported CoE to develop workplans, conduction trainings on quality assurance for college staff, conduct internal quality assurance of its processes etc. These will ensure the QA process is a self-driven mechanism extracting results and implementing changes where necessary.

Improve subject knowledge of College of Education staff and pre-service Teaching Practice. This will include support to NCCE to cascade knowledge to non-TDP states, develop a mentor’s manual and update the knowledge of teacher trainers.

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