Results and Evidence

Results and Evidence

The Federal Ministry of Education (FME) is implementing the National Teacher Education Policy (NTEP) kickstarting a teacher education reform process at both pre-service and in-service levels.

At the pre-service level, the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) is implementing reforms that are intended to improve the quality and effectiveness of teacher training programmes. The key components of these reforms are:

  • The introduction of a new NCE curriculum
  • The re-structuring of the colleges
  • The use of more effective Quality Assurance processes and procedures
  • Developing the capacity of teacher educators on active learning pedagogies and thereby enable them transit from teacher-centered to student-centered teaching, and
  • Improving the effectiveness of teaching practice.

The implementation of these reforms will lead to the production of more effective teachers for basic education.

At the in-service level, the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) is strengthening the cluster model of Teacher Professional Development (TPD) in collaboration with the State Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEBs) to improve the quality of teaching and learning at the primary school level. The reform at this level uses a blended model of face to face training of teachers, self-study by teachers using technology and supportive supervision and mentoring.

TDP is supporting the effective and efficient delivery of these reform programmes through an effective monitoring and evaluation framework. We are doing this by;

Supporting Government to implement the NTEP Monitoring Framework: To ensure that the reform is driven by results and evidence, TDP has supported the Federal Ministry of Education to design and implement a monitoring framework in its target states, to help monitor the implementation of the policy and track its effectiveness. Recognising the fact that routine and periodic data collection is critical for tracking and measuring the performance indicators, appropriate data collection tools have been developed and deployed at the national, state, LGEA and schools’ levels for both pre-service and in-service.

Supporting the Improvement of Education M&E Systems: We are also supporting the strengthening of the M & E systems at the national, state and LGEA levels to ensure the right mix of skills and competences that can establish and run an effective M & E system in line with the requirements of the NTEP monitoring framework. Surveys and studies have also been conducted with support from TDP to generate baseline data for effective measurement of changes in programme outcomes and impacts.

Going forward, we will support the federal, states and LGEAs to establish functional database at SUBEB/LGEA and effective MIS systems at the colleges as part of strengthening the data collection, analysis and reporting systems at all levels. The intention to create a system that would facilitate bottom-up data capturing and flow for effective programming.

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