Where We Work

We work across five states in North-west Nigeria to support the implementation of pre-service and in-service teacher education reforms and provide evidence for policymaking support

TDP States

The five states are listed below:

What we do

The Programme has three main objectives:

Pre-service teacher education: to develop more effective teachers for the basic education sub-sector: We are supporting the National Commission for the Colleges of Education (NCCE) to strengthen the capacity of Colleges of Education in five state to implement the new National Certificate of Education (NCE) curriculum. This curriculum has five main pillars

In-service teacher education: to improve the training of primary and Junior Secondary School teachers: We are working with the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) to strengthen the capacity of State Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEBs) to implement the blended approach of teacher of face-to-face teachers training with self study using technology. This model is strong on improving the content knowledge of teachers in three core subject areas of English Language, Mathematics and Science and Technology and child centered pedagogical skills and attitude through training by state and local government based cadre of trainers. Trainers provide constant support to Head teachers and teachers in schools while head teachers support school based professional development meetings. Schools are essentially a community of learning

Results and Evidence: Our Results and Evidence work area produces evidence-based information and data to strengthen decisions on teacher effectiveness and efficiency, and inform our programming. The three main elements of this work area include:

  1. Demonstration of results: by evaluating the in-service training model in terms of its impact, outcomes and outputs.
  2. Production of evidence to support the theory of change: Contribute to the educational evidence base in Nigeria through studies that evaluate the results of the in-service and pre-service training models.
  3. Monitoring of activities: monitor the implementation of in-service and pre-service training model activities to ensure the quality of their delivery.

In the short term, we focus on strengthening the systems for managing the information and making this information accessible, while the medium and long-term focus is to encourage effective use of data for policy and planning.

So far, the programme has conducted baseline studies and operational researches to generate baseline data for measuring its indicators and to test the workability of some of its models and strategies that have been implemented.

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