Jigawa State

Since 2013, TDP has worked extensively with Jigawa State to strengthen the state’s capacity to manage the teacher education process.

At the In-service area, the programme focused on building teacher capacity to use and understand the structure of the lesson plans. Training involved a mix of theories, practical and hands on engagement.

School Support Officers (SSOs) continue to conduct routine school support visits.  Their reports and data are input into the Kobo Collect data application on their mobile devices. Jigawa SUBEBs now analyse these data and use it to inform decisions.  The SSOs’ engagement with their schools has brought about improvements in teachers’ and pupils’ attendance in school and learning outcomes.

Our pre-service work area is supporting the institutionalisation of the NCCE reforms in Jigawa. One of the key products of the reform is the continued professional development course (CPDC) for teacher educators. Management at the College of Education (CoE) Gumel and College of Islamic Legal Studies (CILS) Ringim are taking steps to institutionalise the programme into their systems.

In the results and evidence work area, we are supporting the SUBEB and LGEA to increase the availability of data that will help decision making. SUBEB and LGEA personnel were supported to carry out on-line surveys using KoboToolBox. SUBEB EMIS unit will now be trained on how to report and analyse the data. This will ensure this process is institutionalised in the state.

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