Kaduna State

Kaduna state joined in the second phase of the TDP intervention in September 2016. With strong commitment from the state government, we have leveraged state government support to deliver the TDP teacher training model to 230 schools and over 12000 teachers.

The TDP In-Service Programme area has trained a cadre of trainers (69 State School Improvement Team (SSITs) and 421 State School Officers (SSOs) who are now training teachers in 70 schools in Kaduna state. TDP has introduced ICT, Lesson Plans and Teacher Guides into schools in Kaduna. Audio visual materials were loaded into 1800 SD cards and distributed to Head Teachers and Teachers in 23 schools to enhance teaching and learning.

The Pre-Service programme in Kaduna state is instituting the reforms suggested by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). We supported the colleges to develop a Continuing Professional Development Programme for Teacher Educators, establish Associate Schools for teaching practice, and improved the linkages between Colleges of Education (CoEs) and SUBEBs in the areas of teacher development and supply.

The Results and Evidence area is strengthening systems and processes for gathering and using data for teaching and leadership in Kaduna state. We are using this information to influence policy and practice and institutionalise best practices in the state

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