Kano State

Kano joined the second phase of TDP in September 2016. The state has a teacher workforce of about 46,000 teachers. TDP is supporting the state government to reform and improve the capacity of these teachers to deliver quality learning to pupils in primary schools Kano state. So far, our activities have impacted over 8,105 teachers and head teachers in Kano state.

  • Teacher Upgrade Programme in Kano – TDP is delivering training on literacy and numeracy at the primary school level (in-service). The unqualified teachers are enrolled in a sandwich programme to obtain a basic qualification (NCE) to teach at the primary school level. TDP has also delivered training on new curriculum and pedagogy for student teachers. In addition, at the in-service level, they also benefit from series of teacher professional development training on literacy, numeracy and basic science.

  • Implementation of the new National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) reform agenda at the colleges of education in Kano is evolutionary and shift the paradigm. TDP’s support on implementation of the six-reform agenda at the four CoEs in Kano state is making a great difference in primary schools in Kano.


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