Zamfara State

TDP started its activities in Zamfara state in 2013. Through the Zamfara State Ministry of Education (MoE), the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and the State College of Education (CoE) in Maru, TDP is implementing sustainable strategies that is improving learning outcomes in the state.

Through our In-service programme area, we expanded the cadre of in-service trainers who provide training support to teachers and head teachers in the state primary schools. We provide professional development support to ensure teacher clusters can engage and address their challenges effectively. We are using technology as a basis to deploy instructional materials and enable engaged learning. So far, we have provided 672 mobile phones, projectors, laptops, tablets and SD cards pre-loaded with learning videos, to support teachers in the delivery of learning.

The TDP pre-service programme is supporting Zamfara state based Colleges of Education to implement the NCCE reforms. We have improved the capacity of the CoEs to conduct a quality assurance self-assessment preparatory external accreditations. We have also established committees to enhance the SUBEB/CoE relationship, to ensure a ready market for the teachers. We have also introduced continued professional development course (CPDC) for teacher educators in the state.

Through the result and evidence area, TDP is supporting Zamfara state to strengthen its system of data gathering and management. To achieve this, Education Management Information System (EMIS) officers at the MoE, SUBEB, LGEAs and CoEs are trained on data gathering and information management. This will provide sufficient and reliable information that will help the government in planning and decision making on education.

To date, TDP through Zamfara SUBEB has trained 3,484 teachers, 170 head teachers and 671 student teachers. We have made it possible for CoEs in the state to conduct yearly self-assessment while tablets and audio-visuals are now common place in classrooms in the state.

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